Elevate Your Space with Unique Curtain Touches for Windows and Rooms.

Discover versatile curtain options that add a personalized flair to your room and windows. Tailored to your space's specific needs, our daylight curtains provide a vibrant ambiance, while optional drapes offer comfort and privacy on demand.

Explore our extensive range, featuring daylight curtains and drapes crafted from blackout fabrics, designed to enhance insulation and create an extra layer of privacy. Our fabrics are available in various heights, effortlessly blending into any interior design. Most of our fabric selections are conveniently stocked in our stores, streamlining the process from order placement to receiving your ready-made curtains.

We proudly partner with distinguished European manufacturers, including:

  • Wolfel & Co (Germany)
  • Gerster & Co (Germany)
  • Polontex (Poland)
  • Linder (France)

Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance to our shop assistants to advice you on fabrics availability and calculations for your curtains. 

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