Curtains give your room and your windows unique touch.

Depending on the use of room curtains can be daylight curtains only or if needed drapes can be added to give comfort and private space when you most need it. 

We are offering curtains for both daylight curtains and drapes, blackout fabrics that allow your room to keep extra insulation from outside lights and also will give you extra privateness. 

Fabrics are available in various height so that they can fit in any interior. Most of fabrics are available in our shops, so it saves your time when you place an order till you get your curtains ready made.

Our suppliers are well known European manufacturers such as: 

  • Wolfel & Co (Germany)
  • Gerster & Co (Germany)
  • Polontex (Poland)
  • Linder (France)

Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance to our shop assistants to advice you on fabrics availability and calculations for your curtains. 

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